Understanding Small Motorcycle Batteries: Pros, Cons, and Sizing

Understanding Small Motorcycle Batteries Pros, Cons, and Sizing

Motorcycles, both fueled and electric, rely on specific batteries for their startup. The size of an electric motorcycle battery significantly differs from a traditional fuel-powered bike’s startup battery. Let’s explore the sizes and the advantages and disadvantages of small motorcycle batteries.

Motorcycle Battery Sizes

Fuel-based motorcycle startup batteries are notably small, usually featuring specifications like 12V 4-7AH, suited for the motorcycle’s 12V electrical system. These batteries are compact, around 108 * 68 * 85 mm in size.

In contrast, electric motorcycles utilize larger batteries, typically ranging from 48V to 72V with capacities like 30AH or 50AH. Even a smaller electric motorcycle battery, like the 48V 30AH variant, measures approximately 290 * 170 * 124 mm. However, sizes vary depending on the model.

Significance of Battery Size

When purchasing a battery, considering its specifications and dimensions is crucial. Ensuring the battery fits your electric motorcycle model’s battery slots optimally enhances its usability.

Applications of Small Motorcycle Batteries

Primarily used as startup batteries in fuel-powered motorcycles, these 12V batteries also serve in lightweight electric motorcycles, offering a compact power source ideal for short-distance rides. Scooters and certain other vehicles also benefit from small motorcycle batteries.

Pros and Cons of Small Motorcycle Batteries


  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Faster charging due to smaller capacity.
  • Generally cost-effective.


  • Limited storage capacity, unsuitable for frequent long-distance rides.
  • Reduced driving speed compared to larger batteries.

Ampere Rating of Small Motorcycle Batteries

Common small motorcycle batteries include the 48V 12AH lithium battery. The trend for electric two-wheelers involves transitioning from 48V 12AH lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries due to higher energy density and voltage.

Using Smaller Batteries in Motorcycles

Choosing a smaller battery for motorcycles is plausible if it suits the vehicle’s requirements. However, excessively small batteries might lack stability within larger battery compartments, risking damage during rides. Using appropriately sized batteries or providing padding ensures stability.

Selecting Small Motorcycle Batteries for Battery Swap Stations

When choosing batteries for swapping stations, considerations like local motorcycle models, compatibility, and area-specific requirements are essential. Opting for high-energy density ternary lithium batteries with high NMC cell voltage results in smaller volumes. Comparing sizes and prices among various brands or considering custom battery manufacturers aids in finding the right fit.